Information Technology is our Expertise

Omnitech, one of the leading and experienced companies at the computing and technology market in Israel, is specializing in the integration of computing infrastructures and in providing wide range of computing services to its dozens of thousands customers. Corporations, organizations and institutions in all sectors leveraging Omnitech's experience, solutions and professional services and are considering Omintech as a true partner for facing demanding challenges dictated by their areas of activity.

Since its establishment in 1979 Omnitech's operation is based on excellence and full commitment to the success of its customers at the government, security, finance, healthcare, industrial and consumer products fields. Throughout of its dozens years of activity Omnitech preformed many IT and computing projects that positioned the company and bestow its reputation among colleagues and customers as an expert in every aspect of its business operation:

Infrastructures and Integration

Software solutions

  • Software and Hardware Infrastructures
  • Virtualization
  • Backup and Storage
  • Microsoft Infrastructures
  • Business continuity
  • VDI Infrastructures
  • CAD and engineering information management
  • recording, transcription, documentation & translation
  • Information Management, Monitoring, Backup & Security
  • Application Delivery
  • Remote web surfing Security
  • Website building and development

Cloud Computing

Technological Services

  • Virtual & physical Infrastructures Hosting
  • Business Internet
  • Shared Email services
  • Websites Hosting
  • Remote Backup
  • VDI Infrastructures
  • Professional Services Outsourcing
  • Managed Services Outsourcing
  • Software and Hardware Support & maintenance
  • Helpdesk
  • service laboratories


















As a senior strategic partner of leading international software and hardware companies, such as Microsoft, Dell, IBM, EMC, NetApp and Lenovo, and as the exclusive local representative of Viewsonic and Autodesk, Omnitech is the preferred technology and computing provider among various leading organizations of all sizes, and offers a unique range of capabilities:

  • Multi-disciplinary expertise and technology knowledge-base in the infrastructure, software, IT and communication fields
  • Implementations of Cross organizational integration projects
  • Development and deployment of virtualization, web, documentation, planning, design, engineering, mapping and GIS systems.g
  • Rich platform of hardware, software and services solutions in various contract forms
  • Professional technical support operation which supports hundreds of thousands of systems and solutions across the country.g
  • ISO-9001 certification from the Israel Bureau of Standards
Omnitech's unique reputation as a single source for wide range of technology demands exemplifies advanced management perception, high professional skills of over 350 engineers, developers, consultant, projects managers, account managers, infrastructure, support and services experts, as well as high standard and intransigent quality in providing the best answers for every challenge in every given moment.
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