Company Management
Udi Weintraub I CEO
Udi Weintraub, is a partner and the CEO of Omnitech, a Malam-Team Group company. Weintraub started his professional career with Omnitech in 1991, and after 10 years with the company he was appointed to be its CEO. After 5 years in this position Weintraub left Omnitech to manage ONE1 operation for 3 year, from which he returned to Omnitech as CEO in 2009. d
Ariel Abargel I VP Business Development and Sales
Ariel Abargel has over 20 years of management and business experience in senior sales positions and in leading sales and marketing operations of computing companies. Within his position Abargel is responsible for the business development and sales and marketing strategy. Prior to joining Omnitech Abargel served as the VP sales of ONE1 for 3 years.
Ran Gavish I Finance Manager
Ran Gavish joined Omnitech as a finance manager in 2008. Gavish has over 13 years of vast experience as the COO of various IT companies and prior to joining Omnitech he served as the COO of Ligad Technical information.
Gavish is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a member of the Israeli Association of Accountants and hold BA in Accounting and Business Administration and MBA from the Administration school.
Ilan Israel I Director, Autodesk Division 
Ilan Israel is managing the Autodesk division since 2008. Israel joined Omnitech as sales manager of the Autodesk division which is solely represented in Israel by Omnitech. Israel has over 20 years of experience in management, business development and establishment of sales and marketing operations at the CAD field and prior to joining Omnitech in 2005 he served as the a sales manager in Taldor Israel is an external lecturing at the Tel Aviv university faculty of engineering and holds BA in Mechanical Engineering from the Tel Aviv university and MBA from the Heriot-Watt university of Edinburgh, Scotland.
Tamir Hagay I Director, Technological Services Division
Tamir Hagai joined Omnitech's technology team in 1992. His vast experience in selling computing infrastructures and services as well as in support and hardware maintenance led to the appointment of Hagai as the technological services division manager in 2010. Within his position Hagai is responsible for the company's managed services (smart sourcing), outsourcing consulting services, hardware and software services, help desk and service sales.


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