Our Vision and Values

"As a company which believes in business operation that combines personal growth and social involvement, we invest many resources in our employees' welfare and deployment, contribution to the community of which we are living in and providing high standard quality of service and solutions that allow our customers in all sectors to benefit from an advanced IT working environment.g

Udi Weintraub, CEO, Omnitech

Our Vision

We are committed to leverage the synergy we have created between innovative computing concept, vast experience and technological expertise, and the qualitative products and advance technologies we provide. All in order to maintain the stable and professional platform and acclaimed meritorious business infrastructure allowing our customers in the computing and technology market to:g
  • Enjoy the best level of service
  • Work with the most innovative products
  • Achieve continuing business goals and growth
  • improve performance and streamline processes
  • Save time and costs

Our Values

We operate based on corporate culture that encourages and reinforces personal developmet and professional growth, and a set of values that guides every aspect of our activity and cooperation with our employees, customers and business partners:g
  • Mutual respect
  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Corporate Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Nurturing quality and innovation
  • Constant striving toward excellence
  • Teamwork

Our Commitment

As a company that sees itself a citizen in the community it lives in, social involvement is an integral part of our business strategy. Our daily routine combines continuous help and contribution to the community along with endless seeking of ways to expand every aspect of our support in the community from computing equipment to students at schools to various voluntary activities performed by our employees.g

Our Uniqueness

The success of our customers is one of our key values. Hence in every aspect of our activity we are executing our knowledge and experience in order to enable our customers dealing with their competitors and challenges successfully. Whether it is reducing costs, increasing efficiency and/or improve service, we will always provide our customers with a comprehensive, powerful and qualitative set of products, solutions and services, and help them to get the most out of them, while paying particular attention to constant improvement of service, quality and professionalism.g
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