d"The collaboration with Omnitech's professional projects' team worked perfectly, and it worth mentioning in particularly the unbelievable efforts they have put in finding the best system that will fit our company needs, along with meeting all time tables and demonstrating excellent planning and execution abilities."f
(Eli Brin, Program and Project manager, Risco, India)
l"After conferring with Omnitech's experts accompanied by Dell consultation, we took a decision to use Dell's solutions for storage, servers and communications infrastructures. The rich functionality within the solution allowed us to reduce future procurement costs. Another aspect that was extremely important for us is the reduction in power and cooling costs along with the energy-efficiency that is aligned with the lease4U energy saving concept." f
 (Magi Meshomar, Information System Manager, Lease4U)
l"The project we've executed with Omintech has an exceptional scope, as there are only a few organizations with more than 1,800 employees, that have completely outsourced their IT operation, including the server farm located at Omnitech's site. We chose Omnitech to perform this project thanks to its understanding of our needs, the pragmatic technology perception and project's schedule"f
(Itay Tzimer, Information Systems Manager, MaccabiDent)
l"Operating the call center by the outsourcing services of Omnitech, which won the tender, is designed to upgrade and improve the service operation for Haifa municipality's computing users, streamline procedures, save costs and shorten the response time for system errors.j
The computing department of the Municipality of Haifa is responsible for the adoption of computing systems that are based on cutting-edge information technologies and considers the maintenance and service issues as a crucial factor to the success of implementing the information systems within the city council."f
(Michal Dvir, Information Systems Manager, Haifa Municipality) 


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