Our Costumers

Dozens of thousands of customers across Israel leverages the vast experience, comprehensive knowledge, wide range services and ideal responsion delivered by Omnitech, and consider it as a true partner for facing the various challenges dictated by their business environment.h

Since its creation, in 1979, its customer' success is a key value in every aspects of its activity. The reputation Omnitech's gained as a single source for various integration services and computing infrastructure technological requirements positioned Omnitech among the leading and experienced companies in the Israeli computing and technology market.h
Whether it's reducing costs, increasing operational efficiency or improving the level of service, Omnitech is constantly striving to leverage its technological expertise, rich experience in implementing tens of thousands of computing and integration projects, in depth business understanding, and its comprehensive familiarity with market challenges and trends. All aimed to enable its customers to receive the best answer to their specific demands, while maintaining the highest standards of service, quality and professionalism which are engraved in its corporate identity.h
This powerful combination of professional capabilities granted Omnitech its senior position as the favorite technology vendor among leading organizations, companies and institutions at the high-tech, banking, financial, legal, health, insurance, government, defense, industrial, consumer products and many other sectors.h
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